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CENTRE FOR IMAGE, PERFORMANCE AND TEXT, University of Wollongong 2002
CORRYMEELA 2007 and 2008

Touring Schedule 2014

Sunday Dec 14th at 4pm, at the Church of Ireland community hall, in Bessbrook, Northern Ireland.

Carol Service at the Catholic Church at 3pm.

All are welcome to this annual cross-community carol service event, where the 4pm refreshments along with the viewing of the memorial are hosted by the Bessbrook Community Development Organisation.

Location: behind the old Police station (now closed).

Parking is available in either church parking lot.

Introductory Remarks to launch the exhibition, by Richard Black

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2014 Tour of Northern Ireland: Newry and Warrenpoint

The Church of Ireland, St. Mary’s, Newry (across from the John Mitchell statue) on November 6th – 9th with a Public Presentation and Powerpoint talk by the artist on Friday, November 7th. For more information please contact the church’s FB page or Revd. Kingsley, see St Patricks & St Marys Church of Ireland Newry.

Warrenpoint Presbyterian Church from Thursday 18th - Saturday 20th September from 11am-3pm and 7pm-8pm.
On Wednesday 17th September at 7:30pm the Rev. Edward McKenzie interviewed Dr Lycia Trouton, Creator of The Memorial, also a university lecturer in modern and contemporary Art History. See Warrenpoint Presbyterian Facebook page: for documentation and professional photos and see informal snapshot installation photos are on Trouton’s Facebook Fan Page.

The Dominican Priory in Newry, Northern Ireland, from Sat. August 23rd to Friday, Aug. 29th with an ecumenical service, with choir, on the Wednesday evening at 8pm with tea and cookies afterwards where ALL were welcome. Installation photos are on the Facebook Fan Page.

For more information, please see Irish Newspaper, a daily newspaper on September 1st : "All walks of life make up heartbreaking memorial" by Anne Haile 01/09/2014 in Women Talk FEATURES.

From June 21st to early September 5th 2011

(Labour Day weekend)

Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf

Quebec, Canada

The Biennale Internationale du lin de Portneuf is a cultural event showcasing modern practices related to linen and flax, covering both technical and conceptual aspects. The subject of flax and linen is addressed through themes as varied as contemporary visual arts, crafts, design and fashion. The project integrates contemporary art into heritage buildings and sites. While such places like these are laden with importance, both historically and visually, creators find in them challenges that stimulate their imaginations and nourrish their research. Several locations in the Portneuf region.

Embroidery of the handkerchiefs was completed by persons from the Canadian Irish Emigré communities, 2009.

Touring History

June 18, 2010

TEDxTasmania Presentation

In this talk Lycia Trouton shares her ideas about 'light on linen' and how a "non-heroic" "counter-monument" might contribute to the hope for healing intercommunal coexistence in N. Ireland. At the conclusion of her talk, she asks the audience to participate in creating "snow angels" as a way of invoking "hope" on the summer or winter solstice .... There were 3 DVDs that were a part of her talk featuring 1) a conversation about household linens, 2) a walk through the memorial "linen graveyard" and 3) a short You Tube clip on "How to Iron your Irish Linen Handkerchief" featuring Mrs. Margaret Barman.
Lycia also introduced the e-memorial, available at The Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Trouton was wearing a dress with a cut-out pleated hem which she stated, "reminded her of the Handkerchiefs of Hope" project she brought to North Belfast in 2008, sponsored by the CRC: the Community Relations Council, Belfast and facilitated by Corrymeela Ctr for Peace & Reconciliation.
Trouton participated in TEDx as Head of Art and Design Theory at the School of Visual & Performing Arts, UTAS Launceston where she had been lecturing for the past year. Prior to coming to Australia for her doctorate, Trouton was a Public Artist with award-winning Architecture & Landscape Architecture firms in North America. She continues to exhibit, work as a Visiting Artist and speaker internationally.
Art, Care, Design

November 27th 2009

The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath's annual End-of-Year Work-in-Progress seminar in Launceston, Tasmania.
Presentation and Discussion papers with other Lecturers and Researchers working in the broad areas of colonial and postcolonial studies. The aim was to gather together unexpected synergies.
My Linen Memorial presentation was in the Tamar Valley Centre Room of the Albert Hall. Albert Hall.
The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath (CAIA)

August 29th 2009

A Gathering of Names

Paper and short Soundscape Presentation, Belfast Waterfront

June 21st 2009

Third Day of Private Reflection 2009

Digital Viewing of the Linen Memorial
Canada Room, Queens University Belfast

Public viewing of the Linen Memorial Handkerchiefs
Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace

May 1st 2009

The future of The Irish Linen Memorial, as commemorative ritual & site-based work.

Seminar with responses by Dr. Paul Dwyer, Chair, School of Letters, Art and Media (restorative justice) and A/Prof Dr Gay McAuley (politics of place & remembering / forgetting in cultural memory). Postgraduate Performance Studies Department, University of Sydney

June 21st 2008

The second Day of Private Reflection 2009

Host: Corrymeela Community of Peace and Reconciliation, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland Names Reading.

June 21st 2007

The first Day of Private Reflection 2009

Host: Corrymeela Community of Peace and Reconciliation, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland Names Reading
Installation: Donald and Katie Fielding


The Irish Linen Memorial, a public art overview, Adelaide.

Postgraduate Symposium convened by Dr. Pamela Zeplin, former Head of Art and Design History and Theory, and presently (in 2011) Portfolio Leader, Research Education, at The South Australia School of Art and Design, University of South Australia, Adelaide.

2005 Australia

Silent viewing
youTube video of 2005 Linen Memorial

2004 Canberra Australia

Sponsored by The Canadian High Commission
Canberra, ACT. opening by Revd Dr. James Haire (Ecumenical service and speech about the history of linen and Irish migration)
Original score by Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald
Original choreography by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

2002 Australia

Launched by Dr. Gerry Turcotte, Canadian-Australian Studies Centre
Original score by Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald
Original choreography by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

2001 USA

Opening Chanting for the Dead.
Intercultural/Ecumenical service led by Buddhist nun.

See more about Northern Ireland art and craft at the following link: Made In Northern Ireland

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